for supplying and integrated contracting

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Where to find us

Our address: 5 Orabi st., Mansheya, Alexandria. Egypt.
Postal code 21112
Tel. & fax +203 4809350

Technical Office: 43 Elgish Road 3rd floor, Appt.18
Tel. & fax +203 5923849


Rakouda for marine & mechanical works

Established 1999 with a group of highly qualified technicians working with most advanced tools and equipments serving marine & shore and navy forces repairing all kinds of works

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About Us

Farous Group has been established in 1999 by Eng. Ashraf Hassan as construction and Trade Company. With business growth the structure of the small company had to change to the formation of a group of companies with qualified personnel for each field was the start, Farous Group have stamped her name on the stone in the fields of

* Marine and industrial supplies under the Management of Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim

* Farous Repair and Calibration under the Management of Eng.Raafat Abo Abdou

* Farous Consultancy services under Management of Eng. Mahmoud Ibrahim.

We have 60 employers, 3 service stations, 1 warehouse, and a free zone area of 400m2.


This group is united for one goal witch is becoming bigger and stronger in a market full Of competition …………………………. we still have the lead.